“HOME” Movie Continued

How Humans are destroying our planet: The worlds largest rainforest, the Amazon, has been reduced by 20%. 95% of the soy beans grown where the Amazon used to be is being fed to livestock and poultry – forests are being turned into meat. Oil palms are taking over the bio diverse environment in Borneo. Paper […]

“HOME” Movie

Humans have encouraged the development of pesticides, which are intended to kill pests, but could also harm us. Humans have put cattle in unnatural settings such as cattle-yards, feeding them grain, not grass. Agriculture is oil powered. Digging up the planet for oil. Crowded  cities. More cars, more oil needed, more pollution. Wasting energy, by […]

De-Creation Continued

Task Eleven: Read the above stories and complete the following summaries of them by choosing the correct word from the box: Noah     sky     boat     nights     city     Babel     pleased     murder     alive     language     offering     wickedness     tower     forty     animal     God     understand     brother     flood     male Cain commits the first murder when he kills Abel, his brother, because he is […]


Focus: De-Creation is a result of humankind’s decision to operate apart from Te Atua.An important aspect of de-creation is humankind’s separation from the rest of creation. The devastation of the earth’s environment by humankind is the most obvious example of the physical destruction of God’s creation. God’s covenant with Noah is a sign that Te […]

Creation Stories

Focus Points: People from different cultures and countries have their own creation stories which explain how the world and everything in it came to exist. The best known creation story of Aotearoa is Te Wehenga o Rangi; Raua Ko Papa (The separation of Rangi and Papa).   WORDS TO UNDERSTAND Sa•cred Pronounced: [sey-krid] Adjective 1. […]