“HOME” Movie

  • Humans have encouraged the development of pesticides, which are intended to kill pests, but could also harm us.
  • Humans have put cattle in unnatural settings such as cattle-yards, feeding them grain, not grass.
  • Agriculture is oil powered.
  • Digging up the planet for oil.
  • Crowded  cities.
  • More cars, more oil needed, more pollution.
  • Wasting energy, by being productive at night. The lights are overpowering the city. There is so much light pollution you cannot see the stars.
  • 80% of mineral wealth is consumed by only 20% of the worlds population.
  • By the end of the century excessive mining will have exhausted all of the planets reserves.
  • Most consumer goods travel thousands of kilometers from their country of production to their country of consumption.
  • 90% of trade goes by sea. 500,000,000 containers are transported every year, toward the major places of production such as Dubai.
  • Fishing catches have increased 5 fold.
  • Thousands of ships are emptying the oceans,
  • Three quarters of fishing grounds are depleted or in danger of becoming so.
  • Most large fish have been fished to extinction.
  • We are depleting what nature provides.
  • We have forgotten that resources are scarce.
  • Water is a non-renewable resource.

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